Alumni Manager


直至2021年5月13日 提名期截止日,本會只收到一個有效提名 (李沛強大師兄)。而經過 2021年5月19日,仍未收到任何提名上訴 (即聲稱已提交提名文件但校友會未能收到及確認)。根據校友會憲章,在無競爭下,參選人即會自動當選,無需舉行投票活動。


祝俊健 (2007)


SYAA Ex-co Announcement

Up until the closing date for SYAA ALUMNI MANAGER (2021-2023) election nomination dated 13th May 2021, we have only received only one valid nomination. The only candidate, Mr. LEE, PUI KEUNG (李沛強先生), has been nominated and is thus regarded as elected the Alumni Manager for nomination to the Incorporated Management Committee of Sing Yin Secondary School for the school years 2021 to 2023.

Take further notice that the Election is now concluded and voting for the Election originally scheduled for 26th June 2021 shall cease to take place.

May I convey my warmest congratulations to Mr. LEE.

Daniel Chuk (2007)

Returning Officer